About Us

Our Beginnings

Kieran O’Briain (KEE) began his company under the premise that truck drivers wanted nothing more than to be treated with respect and understanding for the difficult job that they do. KEE built his organization around a “driver friendly” environment and has done so well in his philosophy that KEE Human Resources was recognized in several issues of Profit Magazine.

With just one customer and himself as the sole driver, Kieran began to grow the company slowly. His customer was happy and soon asked for more drivers; more drivers turned into a need for dock workers. He chose a path of carefully managed growth, always making sure that the company could meet the needs of its existing drivers and clients before expanding the operation. New drivers, dock workers and customers were selected with great deliberation to ensure a complimentary mix. He found customers who shared his vision of fair wages, safe equipment and open communication, and today takes great pride in the fact that his first customer is still relying on KEE’s service.

Over the years, KEE has seen its operations expand in the healthcare and industrial sectors. By purchasing J&L Personnel Inc in the summer of 2012 Kee Human Resources acquired more Dock Workers, Labourers, Mechanics, and Swampers. In additional to the purchase of J&L, in July 2015 KEE acquired the privately held recruitment agency A-1 Personnel Resources Inc, which provides qualified drivers to third party logistics and trucking companies.

We do our utmost to develop proactive, long-term relationships with our customers, some of whom are the largest and most successful trucking companies in Canada, operating over 10,700 vehicles and employing over 5,000 people.

Today, Kee Human Resources employs over 300 employees working out of offices in Mississauga, Woodstock, Halifax, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

As a human resource company, KEE Human Resources’ success is predicated on the ability to provide qualified employees to customers when and where they are needed.

Since our inception KEE Human Resources has been at the leading edge of the third party outsourcing trend that has become a reality in the transportation and distribution industry. We handle all aspects of the human resource equation, with a primary focus on truck transportation and healthcare services.

Kee Advantage

After surveying our competitors and completing a market analysis on the industry, we are confident that the KEE Human Resources’ benefit program is the most comprehensive in the human resource industry.

It includes but is not limited to:

  • Above average compensation rates.
  • An RRSP plan that is deducted on your behalf with additional contributions made by the company.
  • Weekly direct deposit to your bank account.
  • Comprehensive health, life, LTD, dental and vision insurance.
  • A completely confidential employee assistance program for employees who are experiencing any family or dependency problems.
  • Employee referral program, whereby you receive a bonus for referring someone we hire.

Other incentives include:

  • Posting all positions internally before posting the position externally.
  • Our open door communications policy.
  • Access to their operations manager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should they be faced with any problems while out on the road.
  • An environment free from gender, sexual, race, ethnicity or religious discrimination.

Our President, Kieran O’Briain still considers his most important duty to be dealing with his employees’ issues at the grass roots level. As a result, he still sets aside a significant portion of every day to address these issues one on one or as a group with the employees, so you never have to feel that you are alone.

KEE Human Resources has been successful through its determination to ensure its employees are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

“Your Goals are Our Priority”